Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Midnight Confession

My wife and I were in bed, naked. It was Saturday night, and we were just starting to play, I was nuzzling her breasts and caressing her smooth pussy.

The Karen said something that instantly awakened my imagination. "Chris, I've been unfaithful to you."

"What?" I was dumbstruck. I wasn't even sure I'd heard her correctly. "What? When? With whom?"

She kept staring at the ceiling, and spoke in a calm voice. "It was Marcus, the guy I told you about from work. We've been sort of flirting with each other for a couple of months. We happened to be away together on Wednesday, remember when I stayed over in Manchester. It just sort of happened. We were in the hotel after finishing dinner, we were sat in a secluded booth, first we were in each others' arms, kissing passionately; you know, like you and I do. Then his hands were all over me; groping my breasts, squeezing my arse, and he started fingering my pussy through my skirt. I could feel his cock through his trousers. It felt huge. That was all it took. I don’t know what came over me; I just dragged him to my room."

"We stripped each other naked. I had to see that huge cock. It was immense, much bigger than yours. I wanted to suck it, but it was too damn big. I could barely get my mouth around the head."

Lying there next to her, I felt the blood rising in my cheeks. I was so excited by her infidelity and worse yet, by her total lack of shame over it. Her matter-of-fact voice and her staring eyes made me think that she was actually proud of herself!

"I wrapped both my hands around it," she continued. "My fingers didn't even meet, that's how thick it was. I wanked his shaft up and down while I tried to get the head into my mouth. Eventually I gave up on that, and just licked around the rim while I kept playing with him. I slurped the head like an ice cream cone. I even stuck my tongue into his pee slit. It was so wide open, it was easy."

Through my excitement, I felt my cock swell as she spoke. It twitched as I thought of my wife's mouth, stretched to the limit trying to swallow this man’s cock.

"He got tired of my licking his cock, and he made me lie on my back. His cock was dripping tons of pre-cum, and my pussy was wetter than it's ever been. I spread my legs -- just like I'm doing now -- and waited for him to enter me. His cock came at me like a torpedo; it looked even bigger than ever. I thought he might split me in half, but I didn't care. I just wanted to be filled, stretched, you know how much I enjoy it when you fuck me with one of my dildos, and I was willing to die to be fucked by a real cock."

My penis throbbed again, picturing my wife's pussy being split by this man’s enormous, dripping, throbbing cock. Her hand had crept to her crotch and she was rubbing herself.

"When his cock first touched me, it felt like electricity. It was hot and cold all at the same time. It slipped into my sopping pussy like an electric eel, alive and on fire, stabbing and jabbing. I felt myself so stretched that I started to scream in pain, but it was a delicious pain. He supported himself on his arms on each side of me, and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. His eyes just glared at me, telling me that he knew he owned me, body and soul."

By now my cock was rock hard, and I could feel my hips beginning to buck a little. My wife had her hand between her thighs, and was fingering herself as she told her story. I resisted the urge to stroke myself.

"As his cock plundered and scrambled my insides, I writhed and bucked on the bed. I was screaming in pain and pleasure, and clawing his back with my fingernails. When he came, it felt like an ocean of cum was invading me. It was so warm and wet that it pushed me over the edge. I came like I haven't cum in ages." She turned her head to face me for the first time. "It was the greatest fuck of my life."

Her words burned my ears, and my face reddened two shades deeper at her glance. And my cock grew an extra notch. My foreskin was so stretched that it was almost painful.

"Was that it?" I asked breathlessly.

"No. He left after that, but I was too turned on to stop. I still needed to suck a cock. So I quickly showered, and dressed, I made sure that when I walked into the bar, I would have no problem attracting some attention. I decided not to bother with any knickers so I choose a black AP bra, and a pair of seamed hold-ups, then I slipped on one of my DVF wrap around dresses that you like."

“I then went down to the bar, it was about 10pm, so the bar was pretty lively and full of a good mix of guys, young through to old. It didn’t take me long to spot what I needed; he was with a group of guys, my target was tall, well built, handsome and black, just how I like them!”

My cock throbbed again, my god was she telling me the truth or spinning me a yarn, part of me wanted it to be fantasy, but from her manner I knew that she was being deadly honest.

“I bought myself a drink and perched on a bar stool, opposite him. My eyes scanned the room only to return to the black hunk that I wanted. This time I caught his eye and smiled, there was no mistaking the look, and he knew what I wanted. I watched him walk towards me, my eyes and smile indicating to him that I was ripe for plucking”

“We exchanged small talk, for perhaps ten minutes, but then I whispered in his ear that I wanted to take him back to my room, and get to know each other better”

“Are you shocked that your wife could be so bold?”

“Yes” was my reply, I never thought that Karen could be so wicked, so dirty…..and the thought, the knowledge that she could thrilled me beyond belief.

“As soon as the room door was closed, he pressed me against the wall, unbuckling his trousers, he let them slip to the floor, and I was on my knees. I had his beautifully thick and engorged cock in my mouth before his trousers even hit the floor. I felt it stiffen in my mouth as I rolled it around with my tongue. Once it was good and hard, I took it back out to admire it. Nice and long, with bulging veins and a fat, round head. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked hard while I wanked his shaft. Then I slowly pushed my face down, swallowing every inch or so to get it as deeply as possible into my throat. When I felt his pubic hair on my lips, I swallowed some more so that my throat would massage his head."

She never deep-throated me like that! My cock was pointing at the ceiling and bobbing. Involuntarily, my hand had crept to it, and I found myself absentmindedly stroking my shaft.

"I pulled my mouth back a bit so that I could get both my hands on his shaft. I twisted my hands in opposite directions, back and forth, to fully stimulate his shaft while I kept swirling my tongue around his head in my mouth. Then I reached under him with one hand and squeezed his balls. He had been moaning the entire time, but at this point he started to vibrate and grunt, and I knew he was close. I sucked harder, and stuck a finger into his asshole. That was all he needed; he came in my mouth, buckets of hot, sticky cum. I swallowed most of it, but some dripped down onto my dress. It was delicious; creamy and sweet and a little bit tangy. I kept sucking him as he softened, swallowing every last drop of cum as it sneaked out of his withering dick."

By now I was earnestly stroking my own cock. I wasn't sure I was ready for the story to end.

"And then what?" I asked.

She had her hand buried in her crotch, and I could see that she was sawing it in and out of her pussy. I could hear her juices sloshing. "I still needed more," she said.

"I stripped his clothes off, and lubricated his cock with Astroglide. I wanked him for about five minutes, to make sure he was good and stiff and slippery. Then I handed him the Astroglide bottle and got on my elbows and knees on the bed. I told him to lube me up good. He poured the lube onto my arse crack, and massaged it into my asshole. He stuck a finger in me and wiggled it around for a bit. Then two fingers, then three. I told him to quick screwing around and fuck me."

The idea of my wife, arse in the air, face buried in the pillow and about to get her asshole ravaged, was too much for me to take. My mind was reeling, my body was shaking, and I was sweating like a pig. My hands continued to pound my cock, my hips were bucking, and my entire body was vibrating with feelings I could barely describe. I almost felt as if my own body were being violated along with her asshole.

"He stuck it in me. He stabbed it in fast, all in one stroke, and I felt like a red hot poker was being thrust into my rectum. It was such exquisite pain that I almost swooned with pleasure. It was an intensity you could never hope to give me. I felt his cock sawing in and out of my hole, and felt his hips slamming against my arse cheeks. I could smell his sweat. I reached down to my pussy and sawed two fingers in and out, just like I'm doing now. I pinched and tugged on my clit, just like I'm doing now. I felt another massive orgasm coming as he pounded me."

I was barely listening anymore; I was in a sexual fugue state. Her words both shamed me and excited me, wounded me and wound me up. My cock was on fire as I pounded it mercilessly. I tugged my balls with my other hand and bit my lip. My hips were bucking like a bronco, and I knew I would cum soon. Through my haze, I kept hearing her words.

"I felt his cock suddenly get bigger inside of me; I knew he was about to cum. He reached around and grabbed my tit with one hand; he squeezed it so hard it left a welt that lasted for a day. He grunted and jammed his cock into me with one last massive thrust, and then I felt it start to spasm. As his first jolt of cum entered me, I began to cum, too. My body clenched him tighter than ever, and I felt the waves of orgasm up and down my body. With each squirt of cum he shot up my arse, my orgasm got stronger and wider and hotter. I was going out of my mind. I think I passed out briefly. The next thing I knew, he was putting his clothes on and leaving. I just lay there, my face in the pillow, my arse in the air, feeling a river of cum running out of my asshole and down onto the bed. I stayed that way for an hour, just savouring the feeling."

That was all I could take; the image her, bent over like an animal, my best friend's cum running out of her arse, pushed me over the edge. Deep in my balls, the fire that had been trying to burn finally exploded. A wave of pleasure billowed through my body. My tortured cock, almost bruised from the punishment it had been taking, pulsed and jerked on its own, and a huge rope of pearly cum shot straight up, only to land on my chest and face. A second jolt and a third joined it before my ejaculations decreased to a steady river running out of the end of my cock to pool in my crutch. It was the most intense orgasm I could remember in years.

After a few minutes, my breathing returned to normal, and I turned to face her again. She was looking at me.

"Do you forgive me?" she asked.

"On one condition."


I looked deep into her eyes. "Don't ever stop." 

Our Greek Adventure

"I don't know. I don't really get why you think it would be so fun," said Karen.

Chris sat across from his wife in the restaurant. He had mentioned the idea on an impulse after finishing a few glasses of wine. He wasn't sure he could answer her question. "I guess I just like the idea of other guys wanting you as badly as I do. Watching them come up and chat you up in a bar would be dam exciting. It's just a little playful flirting, no harm in that."

Karen and Chris were having the best holiday of their lives. They had been married for three years, and this trip was their anniversary present to each other. They had spent too much money booking a room at a gorgeous Blue Palace Resort in Elounda, Crete.

Karen was in her mid-forties, but she had the body of a woman ten years younger. Her soft blonde hair hung just over her shoulders, and she carried herself with a confidence that was as sexy as she was. When she had been out at the pool earlier in the day, Chris noticed every man around them casting inconspicuous glances her way.

One man was less subtle. He was just a few years younger than they were. He was tall, about 6'4", and he was built like a professional athlete, with angular muscles that come only from consistent workouts and a perfect diet, and he was also black, which just heighten Chris’s rising excitement. He lifted his expensive sunglasses when he walked by Karen and brazenly checked her out. He stood at the pool bar just a few metres away and ordered a mojito. While his sunglasses stayed on this time, he seemed to be staring right through Karen's bikini. Chris seemed to think he saw his wife notice the attention and smile knowing the effect she was having on him.

That moment was the genesis for the idea. Chris noticed how turned on he became by this man's obvious desire for his wife. Maybe it would be fun, he thought, if they walked into a bar separately, her first and then Chris ten or twenty minutes later. Without a doubt she would be surrounded by men in no time. Chris had no doubt that he would be excited to watch other men chat his wife up. He also thought that it might excite Karen to know that after three years of marriage, she still had what it took to drive men crazy.

After a little harmless flirting Chris himself would come and chat her up. After a little 'stranger meets stranger' role playing in the bar, they could go and extend the fun up in their room. This would all just be a little playful fun for a loving couple.

"Will it turn you on to watch other men hit on me?" asked Karen.

"Yes, I think it will," said Chris.

"You think?" laughed Karen.

"Ok, I know," smiled Chris.

"And what if they want to buy me a drink? Should I let them?"

"I guess, if you think they are fit," replied Chris with a playful smirk.

"If they are fit I might let them buy me two drinks," laughed Karen.

"Whatever you want... two drinks, three drinks, they can even buy you breakfast." They both laughed. However, they both also knew that if they did end up doing this, that it would never go too far. For all their humorous little patter, they were both very conservative and very committed to their vows. This would not possibly go beyond a little flirting in the bar.

"Well... my kinky little husband, if I did agree to do this, when would we do it?"

"I guess we could do it tomorrow night, I don't know."

"Yeah, I'm already a little tipsy," said Karen. "Maybe tomorrow night is best."

It occurred to Chris that maybe it was the wine that had helped Karen agree to do this in the first place. After sobering up in the morning, he worried that she might not be so open to the idea.

"Hell, let's just do it tonight," exclaimed Chris. "Let me pay the bill here, and we'll head back to the hotel. The bar in our hotel is as good a place as any. After a little play time in the bar, you and I will head up for a little alone time in the room."

Karen smiled and nodded her head. She ran her slender finger around the rim of the wine glass from which she was drinking before lifting the glass to finish off what was left in the bottom. She reached across the table and grabbed Chris's hands. "Ok," she said. "Let's do it."

They discussed logistics in the cab on the way back. When they arrived at the hotel, Karen would get out of the cab and go into the bar. Chris would then have the cab driver pull up to the hotel just next door before he would get out. By the time he paid and walked over, Karen will have had about ten minutes to attract some attention. There was no doubt that she would. She wore a short, almost sheer, crepe-paper looking skirt that hugged her waist and showed off both her long legs and her heart-shaped ass. Her top was sleeveless and tight-fitting with thin straps. It showed her cleavage almost to the tops of her nipples. The outfit was very daring by her standards.

As they approached the hotel, Chris's heart started beating rapidly. He was going to love this. "What should I do about my wedding rings?" asked Karen, breaking the silence.

"Ummm... I hadn't thought about that. I don't think anyone would mind you wearing them. They'll still hit on you."

"Just the same, I don't want to wear them. " She pulled them off and handed them to Chris. "You hold them." She seemed nervous. Her breathing was a little uneasy.

"Honey, we don't have to do this."

She answered him by leaning towards him and kissing him passionately.

"We're doing it," she smiled.

The car pulled into the hotel and she stepped out. Chris remained inside as per the plan. Without even a look back, she walked into the lobby. Even the doorman gawked at her as she walked by.

Chris put the wedding rings in his front right pocket. He looked over his shoulder as the cab driver pulled out into the street on his way to the next hotel. When the cab arrived next door, Chris got out and paid the driver. The night was warm, and he was more nervous than he had expected. He double-checked that he had the rings and started walking back to his own hotel. He suddenly stopped himself, deciding to go into this adjacent hotel for a quick drink to settle his nerves before heading back.


Karen was actually excited about this little role play. It would be an opportunity let her hair down, and it couldn't hurt to spice things up after ten years of marriage. She was conservative, but she could also surprise herself at times, and this little adventure was a case in point.

The lobby bar was very nice, and as it was early by Greek standards, it was filling up but still not crowded. It was dimly lit with a pale blue light, and it opened into the lobby itself where there were additional tables set up for serving drinks. Booths, more dimly lit, were on both walls, and the bar itself was against the back. There was Greek music playing, but it was not so loud that one could not carry on a conversation.

She took one of two open seats at the bar. She could feel the stares of two twenty-something men, both fit and handsome. She rubbed the bottom of her thumb nervously against the empty space on the finger where her wedding rings should have been.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Pardon me," she responded. She had not noticed that one of the two young men had approached her and was already offering to buy her a drink.

"Please do," she answered. "Chardonnay."

The young man ordered her wine and he waited for the bartender to pour it, he introduced himself. He and his friend were here on a “guys only”, and they were staying at the same hotel. Karen found them both attractive, but she was having a hard time with the flirting. She kept waiting for Chris to arrive, and it was obvious to the two men that she was expecting someone else. They made pleasant conversation for a few minutes, but the men sensed that they were getting nowhere, and they soon wished her a good visit before finishing their drinks and heading out to get a late dinner of their own. This left Karen alone in the bar, with no obvious candidates with whom to flirt when Chris did arrive. She wondered what was taking him so long.

She turned the glass of wine up, quickly drinking half the glass. The alcohol seemed to be a decent remedy for her nervousness. She ran her finger around the perimeter of this glass like she had in the restaurant earlier. She seemed lost in her thoughts when she was interrupted by the waitress.

"Miss, the gentleman in that booth wanted me to send you this glass of champagne."

She looked up to acknowledge the waitress. "Certainly, thank you." She took the champagne and looked over to where the waitress had pointed. It was the same well-built man that Chris had seen ogling her at the pool earlier in the day. He wore linen slacks and a tight fitting t-shirt that made his athletic figure as obvious as it was when he wore no shirt at all. He lifted his own glass to toast her.

She stood, looked out to find that Chris had still not yet arrived, and walked over to thank this man. The man stood to greet her.

"Hi, I'm Jon," said the man.

"And I'm Karen. Thank you for the champagne."

"My pleasure. I was actually surprised to see you here alone. I thought I saw you with a man earlier at the pool. "

"Well, uhhh.... just me. I thought I would just stop in for a drink."

"Those young men you were speaking with earlier didn't seem like much company. I hope I fare better," said Jon. "Have a seat." He guided her by the hand to sit with her back to the entrance of the bar. Now she would not see Chris whenever he arrived. She was sure, however, that he would make his way in to find her.

Jon and Karen sat and talked for some time. He poured her more champagne from the bottle that was chilling beside the booth, and she found herself increasingly charmed by her new companion. He was so attractive, so completely masculine, and there was something hypnotic about the way he spoke to her. She had almost forgotten about Chris until she saw him, out of the corner of her eye, sitting at the bar having already ordered a drink. She wondered how long he had been there. Chris smiled at her, and she tried to pretend not to notice.

"That's the man," said Jon, "that I thought you were with. I guess I was mistaken."

"Yes, I suppose so," answered Karen.

"He seems to be interested in you, however, but I can't really blame him." Karen blushed. He reached across the table and took her hands in his.

"It's funny," Jon said, "I could swear I saw you by the pool today, and I could swear you wore a wedding ring."

Karen turned up her glass of champagne. "Just me," she said.

"Would you mind if I sat over there on that side of the booth with you?" asked Jon.

"Be my guest." Jon stood and came over to the other side of the booth, sitting very close to Karen, he again took her hand. He noticed the tan lines where her wedding rings had been earlier, but he said nothing. "Is it ok if I put my arm around you?" he asked.

"Of course, I would like that," she answered more nervous than ever.

He pushed her hair back and rested his arm along the top of her shoulders. As he did so, he leaned into her ear and whispered, letting his breath warm her neck as he did so. "You know, sometimes married men like to watch their wives come into bars and flirt with other men. Imagine if that guy at the bar was your husband and you were his wife... he'd really be turned on watching us right now."

"Yes," answered Karen, almost in a moan. The alcohol had certainly affected her. She was surprised by the thoughts that were running through her head. She wanted to be with this man. The playfulness was beginning to get an edge.

"Let's just pretend that's your husband. I bet it would really turn him on if you closed your eyes, if you let me kiss you under your neck."

Karen's eyes were already shut. She lifted her neck and Jon put his lips right below her chin. He kissed her several times, moving lower on her neck with each kiss.

"I'm going to put my hand on your leg, just below your skirt. I don't even think he'll be able to see it from the way we are sitting."

Karen felt his hand grip her leg just above her knee. Her legs were just slightly parted, but when he touched her, she found herself wanting to open them for him. Perhaps unconsciously she pushed them apart. She rested her head on his shoulder. She opened her eyes and caught Chris's stare. He was conspicuously watching her with Jon. Chris gave the appearance that he was in a trance, unable to look away. Jon pushed his hand up so that it went under Karen's skirt, but not so far that he was touching the white lace panties that she had put on earlier that evening.

"They say that the most common fantasy amongst married men is to watch their wife be taken by another man."

"I don't know. I don't understand," Karen tried to respond. Her breathing was shallow; she was having trouble focussing on anything other than her growing sense of lust.

Jon pushed his hand up Karen's thigh until he was gripping the soft flesh where her thigh met her panties. Karen pushed her legs yet wider apart, and Jon rewarded her by brushing his fingers against the softness of the cloth that covered her pussy.

"Is that your husband, Karen?"

"Yes," she responded. "You were right."

"What's his name?"


"Invite Chris over here."

She lifted her head off of Jon's shoulder as if she was suddenly sobering up to the reality of what was taking place.

"There's no harm in inviting him over here. Let's all have a little chat."

Karen motioned to Chris, indicating that he should take a seat across the booth.

"Hello, Chris," said Jon as he approached. "I'm Jon. Have a seat."

"First of all, is it ok that I'm sitting with your wife like this?"

"Yes, but...."

"It's ok, I figured it out; she didn't tell me right away. Have you guys ever done anything like this before?"

"Like what? What do you mean exactly?" asked Chris.

"Has she ever gone into a bar to meet other men... I mean, since you've been married?"

"No, sort of an impulse thing."

"But it was your idea, right?"


"Chris, I get it. It's perfectly normal, and very common actually, to want to see your wife with another man. Does it turn you on, watching her sitting next to me right now?"

"I don't know," stammered Chris. Karen was now sitting straight up. Jon was playing with her hair with his right hand. His left hand remained under her skirt. Both Karen and Jon could not be sure if Chris noticed this or not. It suddenly made Karen very uncomfortable. She was sure Chris would not be ok with going that far.

As if reading her mind, Jon addressed the very issue. "You can't see my left hand, Chris. But I want you to know that it's under Karen's skirt. Is that ok, Chris?"

Karen's legs started to close on Jon's hand, but she did not push it away. Chris paused for a long time saying nothing. Finally, his eyes looking directly at Jon, he said, "I don't know. Is it ok with Karen?"

Jon answered for her. "She seems to like it. Right now I'm touching the outside of her panties. I'm stroking her very gently through her panties. I can tell that they are lace. What color are they, Karen?"

Karen could barely utter the answer. "White. They're white."

Her legs pushed apart unconsciously once again.

The waitress suddenly appeared reminding them all with her presence that they were in a public place. She refilled the champagne glasses for Jon and Karen, and acknowledged Chris when he pointed to his empty glass to indicate he needed another. Jon started into Chris's eyes as the waitress walked away.

Jon lifted the edge of her panties and slid his finger below the soft cloth. With the very tip of his middle finger, he traced the length of her labia and rubbed the very top of the opening where her clit was swelling. Her mouth formed a circle as she pushed her breasts forward, her back arching slightly.

"Chris, I'm touching her pussy now. Do you want this to stop?" asked Jon.

Chris said nothing. The awkwardness of the moment was broken when the waitress returned with Chris's drink. This time she noticed Jon's hand under Karen's skirt, but she only smiled, saying nothing. When the waitress had walked away, Karen buried her head in the cradle of Jon's neck. She placed her open mouth against his goatee, and Jon leaned down to kiss her passionately.

"Let's all decide now where we want this to go," announced Jon. "I for one think your marriage will benefit if the three of us have an extraordinary adventure tonight. I think you are both strong enough to experiment with something new tonight. Chris, do you agree?"

"What... I don't understand."

"I'm touching your wife's pussy, and she is loving it. You are watching it happen, and I think you are loving it also. Now I want to take her up to my room and slide my cock inside her body. I want you to come up and watch. You don't have to say anything. I'll leave you my key. In ten minutes, join Karen and I in room 924. Don't expect to participate. You'll watch. You'll do what you are told, understand?"

Chris nodded. He sat in disbelief as Jon and Karen stood to leave the bar. Karen's eyes were turned towards the floor, unable to look at her husband.


Chris paid the bill, including the tab for the expensive champagne. He took the key card and made a bee line for the elevator.

What had he done? This was not supposed to happen. It was just supposed to be a little playful flirting. Now his beautiful wife of three years was upstairs with a stranger, maybe already fucking him. And Chris himself... why had he not stopped it? What was this uncontrollable urge he had to see his wife with another man? Where did it come from?

He stepped off the elevator and walked to room 924. He stood outside the door trying to hear what might be happening inside. Hearing nothing, he put the key in the door and opened it. There were no lights on, but the curtains were slightly open letting in enough of the outside light to see very clearly what was taking place.

Jon stood, his back to the night-lit window, completely naked and magnificent. Karen knelt in front of him, still fully clothed, her mouth exploring the length of Jon's huge cock. She did not notice, or at least she did not acknowledge, Chris's presence in the room.

Jon motioned for Chris to approach. "Isn't it beautiful to watch your wife suck my cock? I want you to undress her for me. Try not to disturb her while you do it."

Chris bent down and began by pulling off Karen's shoes. They were heels with a thin strap that went around the back of the ankle, and he pulled down the strap carefully to remove them one at a time. He then undid the single button that secured her skirt, and he pulled it gently off of his wife. She lifted her legs one at a time to accommodate him, but continued sucking Jon's cock. She now knelt with her legs together, the white lace panties that had been a topic of such interest seemed to glow in the dimly lit room. She pushed her legs slightly apart to make it easier for Chris to remove them. Jon seemed pleased.

"Now her top. Pull the straps off of her shoulder and pull it all the way down her body," commanded Jon. "I don't want her mouth to come off of my cock."

It was awkward, and a tight fit to make it work, but Chris was able to succeed as instructed. His wife was now naked and still lost in the lust of her cock worship. Jon had two hands on her head, and he spoke gently to Karen, encouraging her. Chris positioned himself in a chair near the window so that he could see better. His hand moved to his own crotch, and he rubbed his cock through his slacks.

"I don't want you masturbating. Her pleasure will be physical, but your pleasure will be mental. In many ways it will be more intense, but it will all be in the mind. Do you know what a cuckold is, Chris?"

Chris shook his head. It sounded familiar, but he wasn't sure.

"A cuckold is a man that allows his wife to be taken by another man. It is an act of great love. You know she will be pleasured by me in ways that you can never pleasure her. But Chris, it's also an act of great submission. You surrender to her and you surrender to me. Have you noticed how easily you obey me?"

Chris said nothing.

"Answer me, Chris."


"When you speak to me, call me 'Sir'. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Ok. Now help your wife stand up." Jon pulled Karen away from his cock, and Chris helped her stand. "You may kiss your wife." Chris embraced Karen and kissed her passionately. There was the unspoken indignity stemming from the fact that she had just been worshipping Jon's cock, but it was still wonderful to re-establish a sense of intimacy with his wife.

"Where is her wedding ring?" asked Jon.

"Her wedding rings... wedding and engagement are in my pocket."

"I think you meant to say 'in my pocket, Sir."

"Yes, Sir."

"This is your new wedding night, cuckold. Take the rings from your pocket and kneel in front of your bride. From here out, you will never be her equal again. You will serve her, and you will obey her. She will be the head of the household, and you will submit to her authority."

"Yes, Sir."

"Now give her the rings." Chris handed Karen the rings and helped her put them on her finger. He remained kneeling.

Jon stepped between them and embraced Karen. He lifted her off the ground and placed her gently back onto the bed. Karen opened her legs to him, and he placed the head of his massive cock at the opening of her pussy. He stroked it slowly up and down her labia before finally pushing its mushroom head inside of her. Her arms flailed out and against the bed, she lifted her neck and she clenched her teeth.

There was a dizzying, slow motion serios of images before Chriss eyes. He watched Jon stroke in an out of her with only the first couple inches of his manhood. It was happening, and each subsequent moment was another where Chris silently watched his wife taken by this stranger. When Jon finally buried himself in her body, her ecstasy was uncontrollable. The slow motion stopped, and the world moved at double speed.

"Fuck me, pleeeeease fuck me, Master," moaned Karen. While Chris would submit to her, she would apparently submit to Jon.

He pounded her body with the full force of his own. Karen yelped with orgasm after orgasm.

His cock still inside her, he lifted her off the bed and in this position rocked her effortlessly. Karen moaned rhythmically as he penetrated her more deeply than she had ever experienced before. He then lay her at the foot of his bed, her legs hanging off the edge, and he thrust hard a final time before his own face grimaced, and he exploded inside of her.

As he pulled out of her, he held her legs spread apart, and motioned for Chris to kneel in front of her. "I want you to taste my seed from her pussy, cuckold."

Surprising himself, Chris knelt before his wife and worshipfully placed his lips on her swollen opening. The slightly salty, acrid taste was not what he was expecting, but he worshipfully obeyed, sucking the cum from his wife while she stroked his hair affectionately.

"You can leave now, cuckold. You won't be needed any longer this evening, and I have further plans for your wife."

"Yes, Sir," replied Chris.

He stood and stared into the flushed face of Karen, her hair sweaty and matted against the blankets.

"Chris," said Karen as he turned to leave. Chris stopped and turned around, anxious for any sign of reassurance from his wife. "Please keep your phone close to your bed tonight. I will call you in the morning to bring my clothes and some coffee for my Master and I."

"Yes, Ma'am," answered Chris. His new life had begun. 

Monday, 1 August 2011

Karen's night out

I love watching my beautiful wife getting ready for a night on the town. Karen has a sexy body that she works hard to maintain by going to the gym regularly. Every day when I wake up and look over to find her next to me I'm reminded that I'm the luckiest man in the world.

My wife is about a 6inches shorter than me, which she loves because the guy she dated before me was exactly her height. With me she can wear the tallest stilettos she can find and I always encourage her to find her inner slut. I've gotten her to "flash" a couple times while we were on holiday and since she had fun showing off her charms, maybe she will be open for some more erotic experiences in the near future. Karen has a perfect body but she is self-conscious about the expressiveness of her breasts. She's is always worried that her nipples will come alive so, at times, she dresses a little too conservatively for me.

Karen called me at work this afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. She said that she had a surprise for me and, in exchange, I wanted to make the night special for her, so I made reservations at her favorite restaurant that overlooks the water. One of the things that I enjoy when we go out for dinner is that we don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning the dishes. We can sit back and relax.

After her phone call, needless to say, the rest of my work day was torture; the only thought in my head was to get home to my sexy wife and find out about my surprise. Once I was finished with what needed to get done at the office, I raced home to my hot wife. When I noticed what Karen was wearing, I knew that the night would end on a good note. She had decided to wear her favorite "LBD" with Come-Fuck-Me heels.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, Karen turned to me and said, "There you are, I'm ready to go."

Dinner was great but we had both expected it would be since this was one of our favorite restaurants. Since it was Friday night, Karen enjoyed a couple glasses of wine but I wasn't sure why. Normally, she only has one glass with a meal but this night she had three.

The evening seemed to pass much too quickly although, sadly, I really didn't want our date night to end. On the other hand, I really wanted to take my hot wife home and make love to her. Something in her body language told me that she wasn't ready to leave just yet, but I wasn't sure if she wanted to go out dancing either. Her actions were confusing me. She ordered some coffee as I tried to read her mind. Before our coffee came, Karen gave me that look; the one says she has something big to get off her chest. I wasn't sure what she was about to tell me but I could tell by her body language it was big.

"I met this guy at work." She said while looking down at the table.

Here it was: she was about to tell me she was leaving me for another man or worse, that she'd been in love with someone else for the last months or years.

Karen reached out and put her hand on my arm, "I think he would be a great guy for you."

I really wasn't sure how to take that or what she meant by that. So I had to ask, "Excuse me?" I gave her a puzzled look. "What does that mean?

Karen smiled, giving me that naughty smirk, "What is that? You thought that Mike was my lover?"

Karen reached over and squeezed my cock. "What do we have here?" She moaned, "Maybe he should be my lover. I'll have to remember this." She gave me an extra squeeze.

With Karen's hand firmly around my hard cock, I noticed this good looking man walking towards our table. It took Karen a few seconds to notice him and, when she did, Karen immediately stood up and gave him a warm hug. She turned to me. "Jim, this is the guy I wanted you to meet."

I wasn't really able to stand and played it off as the table being awkward, but I did reach out to shake his hand. Karen introduced Mike to me. Thankfully that didn't last long and, with Mike joining us, we sat back down at the table.

Mike was six feet three with broad shoulders and I could tell that he worked out regularly. I was sure that, under his knit shirt, he was packing a full six pack. What was this I was feeling? Was I finding this man attractive? I didn't want to kiss him but I was curious about his body.

Clearly Mike was a confident, self-made man and I caught a couple of the women in the restaurant steeling glances towards him, yet his focus was exclusively on us. Even Karen was excited as I could see her hard nipples trying to poke through her concealed bra.

Small talk flowed till it felt like we had known each other for years. The next thing I knew the waitress came around asking if we needed anything as it was last call.

I said to Mike and Karen, "Well, I'm not ready to call it a night."

"Yeah, it feels pretty early, Mike replied.

Karen looked into my eyes and it was like she read my soul. Addressing Mike, she said, "How about you come over to our house for a night cap?"

Part of me wasn't sure that a night cap was a good idea, but I knew Karen had something interesting and exciting in mind as she talked him into coming over to our house. How strange it should have seemed for Karen to be inviting this man back to our home, yet I was somehow comfortable with this unexpected turn of events.

After her mysterious declaration, Karen and I left the restaurant. As we both slid into the car, my curiosity was getting the best of my concern. Despite my trepidation, I had to know what my wife was feeling and against, my better judgment, I placed my hand on her inner thigh. Karen quickly parted her legs giving me access to more of her thigh. As my hand was about to reach her panties when she clamped down on my hand, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Yes!" I replied, noticing that her panties were soaked.

She reached over and felt that I was just as aroused as she was, "Are you sure you want to know what has me so excited?"

"I think we both know that I do," I answered quietly.

Karen guided two of my fingers under her panties so that I could feel her soft wet lips, "You know, we don't have to do anything."

"I know but we've had a great night and I'm okay if something does happen."

Karen guided my index and middle finger into her wet pussy, "Oh baby, you feel so good in me. Taste me; I want to watch you taste me".

I pulled my fingers out of my wife and into my mouth, all the while enjoying her scent and taste. I've always enjoyed feeling her wet pussy and, even though her arousal wasn't created by me, I was surely going to enjoy her in this mood.

"Whatever happens, promise me you will not get jealous".

"Baby, have I ever been jealous?"

Karen smiled, "No, quite the opposite; you always want me to act like a slut."

"I want you to have fun, you are a beautiful woman. Karen, you are the woman that I love and will, hopefully, be spending the rest of my life with."

"I think you enjoy finding my panties wet."

I smiled, "I always enjoy the feeling, yes. I love feeling your body. No, scratch that. I love feeling your aroused body."

It only took us another five minutes to get home. I opened the garage and parked the car while Mike parked in our driveway. Once in the house, I closed the garage. Karen opened a bottle of wine and poured us three glasses while I turned on some background music. We made our way to the family room and got comfortable.

Karen turned to face me then grabbed my arm, next she reached for Mike's hand, "Come on boys. What does a girl have to do around here to get some attention?"

Mike looked at me then smiled, and we followed Karen. Karen walked into our bedroom, then turned and leaned against the dresser. She smiled while watching us enter the room.

"Baby, I want you to watch your wife make love to Mike while I watch you. I want to see your expression as his cock slips into my wet pussy." Karen moved onto the bed trying not to fall over, "Baby, it's kind of awkward moving on the bed. Can you hold him for me?"

Did she just ask me that, "Excuse me?" I asked, somewhat astonished.

"Come on baby, I'm trying to be graceful. Hold his cock so that I can mount him."

"I've never done that."

She gave me a smirk as she reached for my shoulder. She needed my support to move on the bed, "Oh, Baby, it's no big deal. Just pretend you're going to the bathroom. You've held your own cock right?"

I found it kind of strange that Mike didn't say one word. He just sat back and watched my wife moving around him. Of course, he wanted to be in her tight pussy so why did he need to say anything? Even against my better judgment, once Karen had her balance, I reached down for Mike's hard cock. Carefully I pulled his cock up. I didn't even realize that I was staring at his cock in my hand! My hand had wrapped around this love muscle and I swear that I could feel the veins pumping blood in that thick thing of his.

In slow motion, I watched my wife move down onto his cock. I could see the tip touching her lips, parting her wet labia until he started to enter my wife's body. Karen gasped as she took him deeper. Even though he was in her, I didn't let go of his cock. I don't know why.

Slowly, she took at much of him as she could. Then Karen leaned back and carefully put her arms right below Mike's shoulders on the bed. This gave him complete control over his own arms. As she did this, part of him pulled out of her pussy and I could see her arousal coating his shaft

I moved my hand up and used her arousal to lubricate the base of his cock. Karen looked over, "Is this turning you on, Lover?"

How strangely erotic that my wife was enjoying her first lover outside of our marriage and I was there to watch. Not only that, but I was holding his cock in my hand! "Yes, very much so."

For whatever reason, I have to say that it didn't feel weird holding him; nor did it feel weird that his cock had slipped into my wife.

Carefully, she accepted more of him, making sure his thick cock slipped deep into her warm, tight body and I watched as inch by inch of him entered her wet pussy.

In a strangely comforting sense, I knew exactly how Mike was feeling by having Karen's sugar walls tightly wrapped around his cock as she rode up and down on his love pole. I wasn't jealous at all. In fact I was even more aroused knowing exactly what he was feeling. Sure, I wanted to be making love to my wife but this was something very new and very kinky. Most importantly, I was enjoying myself as I knew my wife was also. When Karen reversed her position over Mike, I knew exactly how he felt because I love the sensations of having my wife ride me "reverse cowgirl". The way her body moves, pressing my cock against all her sugar walls is, perhaps, my favorite position.

"Jim, eat me! I want to cum with his cock in me. Come on, Baby, eat my pussy. Make me cum, Baby; I need to cum, Jim."

Carefully, I made my way closer to my wife's pussy. Her legs were spread allowing me easy access to her clit. I could see his thick, bare shaft pistoning in and out of my wife and her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

"Does this excite you, Baby?"

"Very much so," my eyes never left her pussy.

In a husky voice, Karen said, "That's it, Lover, get closer. Taste me! Take me in your mouth; I know you want to eat me. That's it, Lover, make me cum."

I've never watched someone having sex before, let alone my wife! I could see his cock going in and out of my wife and her whimpering every time that thick cock impaled her. If I didn't know her, I'd swear she was in pain.

"Oh, Baby, Mike's cock feels so good in me. Are you watching? Are you watching him fuck me?"

Now, I was only inches away from her pussy. Slowly, I stuck my tongue out until it touched her clit. I didn't even have to move my tongue to stimulate that tender area as Mike's thrusts were moving Karen's clit back and forth.

Mike was getting reckless with his thrust and I wanted him to slow his pace a bit. As I started to move he popped out of my wife's pussy and slid into my mouth.

I didn't know what to do!

Mike's cock filled my mouth. What was I to do?

Karen moaned, "Oh my god! Suck him baby, that's so hot!"

I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to move. I hoped that his cock would slip back out of my mouth and into my wife but, as I thought about that, I swirled my tongue around his shaft. I could taste something familiar, something sexy. Then it dawned on me that what I was enjoying was Karen's arousal that had coated his shaft.

When I looked up, I could see Karen straining to see more. She wasn't shocked but aroused even more, if that were possible. The look on her face was that of a child opening up a gift. "Baby, that's so hot! I've never been so turned on before in my life!" Using my hand I massaged the base of Mike's cock, moving up and down his shaft. Since he was so long there was no way I could fit all of him into my mouth, but I did my best. That is why I used my hand, to increase his pleasure and make him feel that more of his cock was in my mouth.

I tried to do all the things that Karen did to me by using my tongue on the tip of his cock, making sure to pay special attention to under the tip.

I groaned as more of his hard cock entered my mouth. It was a strange sensation tasting Karen on Mike. She doesn't have a strong taste but there was something ever so sexy about the unique taste of my wife on his cock.

Karen moved closer to me and off of Mike. Her face was next to mine while her pussy was next to his face. I could see his hand moving between her legs, which she immediately opened for him. Talk about a surreal moment, having a hard cock in my mouth and my wife opening her legs for our shared lover. I could see his fingers playing with her very wet pussy, making that sexy slurping noise an aroused pussy makes when it swallows fingers.

As I concentrated on Mike's fingers in Karen, my throat started to open up or at least that is how it felt to me. I swear that most of his cock was entering my mouth and going down my throat. The first time he hit the back of my throat, I had to fight through the gag reflex but after a couple more times my body started to relax.

With his ridged cock in my mouth, I started to think about how Karen gave me head and the things that she did to me. With my right hand I gripped the base of his cock, while using the other to support myself. Now, I could take most of him and use my hand to stroke his shaft.

As my confidence grew, I was able to take more of him into my mouth. I even think that some of him went down my throat. His grunting was washing out the sexy noises Karen's pussy was making. I could still see her hips rocking up and down which told me she was getting close to her own orgasm. Karen was just inches from me, yet so far away. "Oh I'm going to cum!" Mike grunted.

That encouraged me. Not thinking about what was about to happen, I just wanted to give it to him. I wanted his cum! My lips were tightly wrapped around his cock and I used my tongue to massage that spot just under the tip. I knew that it was working as I could no longer taste Karen, just his salty cum.

Mike grunted and I was aware of what was about to happen.

The first stream shot into the back of my exposed throat. I almost choked when it hit the back of my throat. A second stream shot deep into my mouth, only this time I managed not to swallow that one. I kept my lips wrapped around the tip of his cock, while using my hand to milk him.

"Oh, Baby, that's so, so hot!" Karen exclaimed as she collapsed on the bed and moaned. I knew that Karen was lost in her own orgasm. I didn't move, just allowed Mike to finish. I had to swallow a couple times to wash his seed down but he didn't seem to mind. As I moved off him, I felt Karen's soft lips on mine. Her tongue parted my lips to enter my mouth, seeking to taste his cum. I felt a little strange, yet very kinky having my wife kissing me. We were sharing a kiss with some of his cum still in my mouth; I knew that we both could taste him.

Karen was pretty aroused and aggressive. She moved up on top of me while guiding my cock into her. I didn't realize how hard my own cock had become while I had had Mike's cock in my mouth. I was amazed! Part of me couldn't believe that we had just done that, that I had just done that! Our new friend had just cum in my mouth and I had swallowed everything that he had had to offer.

Karen moved closer and started to tease my ear with her tongue, "Oh, Baby, I love you so much. I never thought you would do something like that; you can't imagine how turned on I am."

The strange part to me is that I have never considered myself gay or even bi-sexual for that matter. I love my wife, love her body and love making love to her, but there was something about his hard cock that turned me on. From watching him having sex with my wife to tasting him, tasting my wife on his ridged love muscle to having him cum in my mouth, it all really turned me on.

Now, lying on my back with my wife grinding her body into mine, I wondered what she thought about all this. Sure, she said she loved it, but how would she feel tomorrow? Would she want me to do more? There were so many things to think about and talk about and it was strange to have those thoughts while Karen was riding me. I had to keep my mind off what she was doing as I was so close to my own orgasm and my wife wasn't nearly finished yet.

"Come on, Baby, give it to me! Cum in my pussy. Can you feel how wet I am? I'm soaking your crotch with my arousal."

I pushed her up and started to play with her nipples, "Stop talking or I will cum." "That's what I want, give it to me! I need to feel you cum in me. Come on baby." Karen pushed back and I wasn't able to hold off any longer. I gave one hard thrust as I shot my load into my wife. I could hear her talking, "That's it, Baby; give me all that hot cum! Fill my pussy, my lover."

We just lay there for a couple moments, each of us not really sure what had happened. I knew that, at least for myself, I didn't have any regrets. My wife just had sex with her friend and I had given a man head.

Mike started to move around and said that he had to go home, that he had an early tee time tomorrow. Once Mike dressed, we said our goodbyes and off he went.

Karen and I went back to bed. We made love one more time that night and spooned the night away in splendid.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Karen, I'm home

"Karen, I'm home," I called out when I didn't see her in the kitchen.

"We're in here babe," she called out from the living room. "Your friend Marcus from the gym stopped by."

"Oh," I replied trying to sound relaxed as my heart pounded in my chest.
When we were in the showers in the Gym, I would sneak a glimpse of him, and his cock was magnificent, I had often fantasised about the 3 of  us together, and now here he was sat next to my wife in our living room.
I could see the outline of his cock in his tight jeans. My heart skipped a beat. I wanted to feel it throb in my hand. I wanted to wrap my lips around it and suck until it exploded in my mouth. What were his true motives for showing up at my door and what, if anything, he had said to my wife while they waited for me?

Karen, always the good hostess, invited my new friend for dinner and soon we were all drinking in the living room like old friends.
We finished several beers before we sat down to eat and we polished off two bottles of wine over dinner. Karen was clearly drunk and I was buzzing by the time we moved back to the living room.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom as Karen and Marcus moved back to the living room.

I walked out of the bathroom and Marcus was standing there waiting for me. He moved in close and his body brushed against mine.

"Where's Karen," I asked nervously as I looked around.

"She went upstairs to change. She spilled wine on her shirt," he quickly replied. "Your wife's got great tits," Marcus continued as he grabbed my hand and put it on his growing cock. "Do you want this?"

I could feel the blood rush to my groin as his cock pressed throbbed in my hand. "Yes," I replied softly. I was hard, drunk and horny. If he had pushed me to my knees I would have gone willingly. If he had unzipped his fly I would have fished his cock out and stroked it right there on the landing. He did neither. He pushed past me into the bathroom and whispered "later." His lips grazed my earlobe and his warm breath caressed my neck as he passed.

A chill ran down my spine and goose bumps covered my arms. My mind was reeling. What was I doing? I moved back to the living room in a daze and waited. I waited for Marcus to continue his game because I wanted him to seduce us.
Karen returned first, she had changed into a thin white tee shirt and she was braless. "I need you," she whispered as she pressed her soft lips against mine. I could taste the wine on her breath. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and danced with mine as her hand slid down to my cock. She found it stiff and ready.

"Mmm, is this for me," she asked playfully.

"Babe, we have company," I warned.

"Fuck it, he can watch," she giggled. I had never seen my wife so sexually charged. It was clear she was drunk and her inhibitions were entirely gone. "Or he can join in," she laughed softly. "I have always dreamed about having sex with two guys and if one is my hot husband and the other is his big black handsome and very fit workout buddy I will be a luck girl."

Karen had never told me that she had fantasies like that. She always skirted the fantasy question and I had stopped pressing. She had certainly never confessed to wanting a threesome. In fact when I had joked about a threesome with another woman she had told me, in no uncertain terms, that group sex did nothing for her. "I don't like to share," she had explained.

She rolled on top of me as we continued to kiss and ground her body against mine. "I need you inside me babe," she cooed as she reached down and freed my cock from my trousers.

I looked up as my wife slid down my body and wrapped her lips around my hard cock. Marcus stood beside the sofa. His trousers were around his ankles and his big black hard cock jutted out from his body like a lethal weapon. My mouth watered at the sight of his big delicious cock but I quickly closed my eyes as Karen took my entire shaft down her throat. She had always been an enthusiastic cock sucker but having an audience clearly excited her. She stood up and tore her clothes off as she stared at Marcus's hard cock.

"Come closer," my wife said. Her voice was thick with lust. She straddled my hips and I guided my prick into her wet warm canal as I moaned softly.

Marcus moved toward us. His cock led the way. It pointed at my wife and she wasted no time grabbing it with both hands and tugging on it as she slowly rode my stiff cock.

I watched with intense fascination as my wife lowered her head and began to suck his cock. Karen slowly rode my cock as she sucked Marcus's. Her body moved in slow languid motions as she noisily slurped pre-cum from his bulbous ebony head. My hands held her hips and I watched her mouth engulf his thick cock. My mouth started to water as I fantasised about how his cock would feel as it slid down my throat and I let out a low moan.

My right hand left my wife's hip and moved to Marcus's muscular legs as she continued to ride me. I rubbed his inner thigh moving slowly upward toward his big smooth balls as my wife continued to suck his cock and ride mine. "Oh babe," Karen cooed when she noticed my hand on Marcus's leg. "Come closer babe, play with his balls while I suck his thick cock." She didn't have to ask twice. My hand moved up to his big heavy balls. I grew more adventurous and let my fingers explore his tight asshole.
"Right there," Marcus moaned softly as my finger rubbed his arse. I pushed it inside him and he groaned needily.

Karen saw me fingering Marcus's asshole and she went crazy.

"Oh god," my wife groaned as she watched my fingers penetrate Marcus's arse. She thrust her hot sexy body down on my cock as a series of small climaxes coursed through her. Her pert tits bounced as she yelped like an excited puppy.

Karen grunted loudly as her pussy convulsed around my hard cock.

I felt my cum begin to boil and I knew I would cum soon. I sped past the point of no return as she rode my cock hard and fast. I cried out with pleasure as I deposited a huge load of hot cream deep inside her.

I lay beneath my wife recovering from a powerful orgasm and watched as she renewed her attention on my friend's cock. I had never thought I would actually be in a threesome and certainly not with my wife and another man. I would have thought I would be jealous if my beautiful wife ever touched another man sexually but as I watched her lips slide down Marcus's big cock I felt only pure unadulterated lust. The only jealousy I felt was that her mouth and not mine was filled with his hard throbbing meat.

My spent cock slipped out of Karen's cum filled pussy and warm cum spilled from her hole onto my stomach. A part of me wanted her to ride my face with her oozing cunt but a much bigger part wanted to watch her with Marcus.

I lifted my wife off my stomach and climbed off the sofa. Marcus sat in front of us and looked at me. No words were spoken as Karen guided my mouth to Marcus's smooth hard cock.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked hard as my hands moved up his strong legs.

"Do it babe," Karen said softly as she watched Marcus's cock slide down my throat. I grabbed his hips and bobbed my head over his thick meat. The sensation of sucking cock in front of my wife was both incredibly erotic and sexually liberating. I forced his shaft down my throat until my nose pressed hard against his shaved pelvis.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I fought my gag reflex. My left hand tickled his asshole as I sucked his delicious cock. I wanted his spunk. I plunged two fingers inside him and wrapped my right hand around his shaft. I pumped his cock hard and fast as I slurped on the thick bulbous head of his cock. 'Cum for me,' I thought as I milked his prostate. 'Fill my mouth with your hot cum.' My cock started to stir as I furiously worked his cock and arse.

Marcus's breathing became erratic and I could feel his body start to spasm. My mouth was watering in anticipation of his hot cum. I needed it.

"Not yet babe," Karen said as she pulled me away from his cock. "I want him inside me first," she panted. She lay back on the sofa and looked at Marcus. "Fuck me," she said as she parted her pussy. "Give me my first new cock in 2 years. Fuck me hard."

Marcus smiled and climbed between my wife's thighs, his cock slide effortlessly into her soaking wet pussy.

I moved up to kiss Karen. My tongue slipped into her mouth and she moaned loudly. "I can taste his cock when you kiss me," she sighed. "Oh god babe, this is so fucking erotic. Can you believe there is another man fucking me while you are here?"

Marcus was as good, he fucked my wife through two hard climaxes and then pulled out and grabbed my head. He pulled me toward his cock and thrust his big cock into my mouth.

I could taste my wife's juices mixed with his pre-cum and the taste was amazing. I moaned in hedonistic pleasure as I sucked his cock clean.

Karen watched me lick and suck Marcus's cock clean and then positioned me on my back. She straddled me in the 69 position and lowered her dripping wet cunt to my mouth as Marcus moved behind her and pushed his cock into her pussy. His cock slid across my lips and sank balls deep inside my wife.

My tongue slithered across the folds of wet flesh as I licked and sucked cock, cunt, balls and arse. The smell and taste of their juices and the musk of their essence was a powerful aphrodisiac. I sucked Karen's clit as Marcus fucked her hard from behind. Her body responded in a quick powerful climax as she cried out so loud I thought the neighbour’s might hear her.

Marcus pulled his cock out of her spasming cunt and thrust it into my mouth. It slid deep into my throat and he pumped it in and out of my mouth as hard as he had fucked Karen's cunt.

He came loud and without warning. His cream filled my mouth and I gulped it down like a thirst starved athlete. I sucked his cock hard drawing every drop of cum from his softening hose as my wife spun around and joined me in cleaning our lover's flaccid cock.

Karen pressed her lips against mine and forced her tongue into my mouth as we shared the taste of Marcus's spunk. We kissed deeply while Marcus recovered from his obviously powerful orgasm.

We moved up to our bedroom and on to the bed, Karen climbed between us and played with both our cocks as we talked about how incredible the night had been. My cock recovered first and soon Karen was stroking me with long tantalizingly slow strokes.

Karen pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. "This is so fucking dirty," she whispered as she broke off our kiss and turned to kiss Marcus. She continued to rub my cock as her tongue danced inside his mouth.

My hands caressed my wife's wonderful body and I nuzzled and kissed her neck.

"Do you have any lube," Marcus asked my wife.

"Oh god yes," Karen hissed as she quickly dug through her bedside table for a small bottle of Wet Lube.

Marcus onto his knees as my wife pressed her soft lips against mine.

Marcus lubed up my arse and rolled a condom over his cock as Karen and I kissed deeply and more passionately than we had in years.

I felt Marcus's cock slide across my exposed asshole as he held my legs up in the air. I wanted him inside me. My tongue thrust into my wife's mouth deep and hard as Marcus pushed his hips forward.

"Ugh, oh," I grunted as his cock head penetrated and deflowered asshole. He pushed slowly forward and inch after delicious inch disappeared inside me.

"Oh my fucking god that is so fucking hot babe," my wife cooed as she watched Marcus bury his entire cock into me. His big heavy balls touched my arse.

Karen kissed me deeply then sat back and watched as Marcus started to fuck my arse. I grabbed my cock and stroked it in perfect time with Marcus's thrusts. He started with long slow stroked where he pulled back until just the head remained inside my arse then slowly sank deep inside me.

There was a little pain at first but as I grew accustomed to the size of his cock it disappeared entirely and it was replaced by a constant pressure and a gradually building pleasure. He increased his pace and I could feel my climax starting to build. It started in my belly and spiralled outward in waves as my breathing came in short gasps.

I looked at my wife and smiled. The fingers of her left hand were buried inside her as her right hand furiously rubbed her clit while she watched Marcus fuck my arse.

His thrusts were strong and powerful and I knew I would explode soon if he continued but he was good. Oh god was he good. He sensed my impending explosion and slowed to a crawl. His cock moved slow sinking in and out of me making my body hang on the edge of orgasm but never letting me slip over.

It felt like I was going crazy. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum but the pleasure of riding the edge was more incredible than anything I had ever felt.

We rode the edge for what seemed like forever. He fucked me hard bringing me to the brink, then slowing down and holding me there until the feeling passed. He did it over and over for at least an hour. Karen fingered herself to at least three climaxes and reapplied lube to keep the friction in my arse to a perfect level.

Marcus pulled his cock from my arse. He turned me over onto my stomach as my wife slid beneath me. My cock slid inside her soaking wet pussy and Marcus moved behind me. He sank his hard throbbing cock into my arse and fucked me as my cock slid in and out of my wife.

Our pace started slow and deliberate as we stoked the fire of our passion. Karen's passion built quickly and she was soon moaning wantonly as we all fucked. I felt my climax building to a fervent finish.

Marcus dictated the pace. He thrust hard and fast into my arse as my cock pounded into my wife's soaking wet pussy. I felt myself pass the point of no return and I cried out as my cum shot hard and deep into Karen's cunt. Marcus pulled his cock from my arse and tore the condom off his thick rod. He moved around and pointing his cock at my face as he stroked it slowly.

"Open wide bitch," he said authoritatively as he pushed his cock between my lips. He grunted and groaned as he came in my mouth. "Drink my cum you cock sucking whore," he yelled loudly as copious thick cream filled my mouth.

"Oh god," Karen cried out as she watched him express his dominance over me.

I swallowed his cum and licked his cock and balls clean before collapsing on the bed in a sweaty exhausted heap. Karen kissed us both deeply and I turned off the lights so we could all go to sleep together.

"Thank you babe," my wife whispered to me in the dark as we kissed tenderly. "You made my fantasy come true and it was incredible. Maybe next time we can test my limits. I love you babe," she said quietly.

"I love you too," I replied as we kissed again. I could hear her and Marcus talking as I drifted off to sleep.